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7 Steps to healthy living & healthy weight

7 steps to healthy living & healthy weight
There are seven steps for raising confident healthy-weight children who naturally enjoy good health in body, mind and spirit:
1. Normalize activity. Active living is basic to good health. Be active with your children. Have fun together in a variety of activities.
2. Normalize eating. Establish regular mealtime eating habits - three meals a day and one or two snacks - beginning with breakfast. Stop all dieting and food restriction. Instead, help your children respond to their own internal signals of hunger and fullness, so they eat when hungry and stop when full.
3. Balance sound nutrition. In this plan the child first learns to normalize eating patterns and tune in to body signals, then gradually begins to modify food choices, if needed. Good nutrition includes all five food groups - breads and cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat and alternatives, and milk and dairy.
4. Feel good about yourself. A nurturing environment in home, school and community promotes all aspects of growth and development for children, in mind, body and spirit.
5. Communicate feelings. Promote communication and sharing of feelings from the time children are young. How to listen attentively, calmly and noncommittally and provide feed back.
6. Feel good about others. Help your child develop good relationships, not only with their peers, but also with caring neighbors and other adults.
7. Balance the dimensions of wellness. As we consider the whole child in body, mind and spirit, keep in mind that weight and eating are only part of wellness, and need to be kept in perspective.
Source: The Murray Group

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